Dec 2018 Qiushi Ophthalmology soft opening
Nov 2018 Maggie and Rose Parent-child family club, the first store opened in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Henglong Plaza commenced business
Sep 2018 Zhongan·Yunyi Wencun Village commenced business
Aug 2018 Suikang Nursing Home official opening

Dec 2017 First Cinemall theatre commenced business
Dec 2017 Xixi New City project launched
Sep 2017 Huaibei Bright Hotel commenced business
Apr 2017 Qiandaohu Bright Resort Hotel commenced business

Aug 2016 Qiushi Ophthalmology incorporated
Jun 2016 Yuyao Bright Hotel project launched
Jan 2016 Zhongan Film Industry began national layout to construct theatre

Sep 2015 Xixi Manhattan project launched
Sep 2015 Announced new business of homestay and launched the "Zhong Jia Le Homestay Travel Web"
Sep 2015 Made a successful bid for the commercial land parcel located in Westlake District, Hangzhou
Jan 2015 Entered into the cooperation agreements with Lubu Town Government in respect of the proposed formation of the Lubu Town JV for the engagement in land development activities on the Site

Jul 2014 Listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the stock code of 1321
Apr 2014 Entered into the Town Urbanization MOUs and the China Development Bank Cooperation Agreement for expansion into urbanization related businesses and services in the future.

Nov 2013 Entered into cooperation agreements with local government authorities in the PRC for land development in different towns and counties in the PRC in the future.
Apr 2013 Completed construction of the whole project of Hidden Dragon Bay.

Dec 2012 As of December 31, 2012, the serviced apartments of Phase A3 of the International Office Center were under construction.
Jul 2012 Construction of Zhong An Times Square (Phase II) commenced.

Oct 2010 Presale of Hidden Dragon Bay commenced.
Apr 2010 Construction of Hidden Dragon Bay commenced.

Aug 2009 Construction of Plot A3 of International Office Center commenced.

Dec 2007 Highlong Plaza and the Holiday Inn Hangzhou Xiaoshan in this development project commenced operation.

Sep 2005 Establishment of Highlong Commercial Buildings that provides operation and management services for commercial projects.
Aug 2005 Completed construction of Integrated Service Center.

Nov 2000 Zhejiang Zhong An obtained the right to develop Highlong Plaza, the first integrated commercial complex development in Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou.

Oct 1998 Completed construction of our first project, Guomao Building

Dec 1997 Zhejiang Zhong An, the first member of the Zhong An Group, was established in Zhejiang Province, the PRC.