• Base on the Yangtze River Delta, focus on cities along the high-speed railway

    The Yangtze River Delta Region will continue to be a new growth level for the economic development of China in the future. China New City will follow the government policy guidance and will actively deploy in cities along the high-speed railways, participate in the construction of high-speed rail cities, and facilitate the local economy.

  • Focus on the future core area of the cities

    China New City hopes to take responsibility for expanding the future core area of the cities. By investing and developing through early entry into the region, carrying out the construction of infrastructure and supporting facilities, we will drive and guide the development of the core areas of the cities.

  • Industrial collaboration, joint development, and enhance market competitiveness

    We will establish an information-sharing platform, realize inter-industry resource sharing, and work jointly with stakeholders to contribute to the sustainable development of businesses in human health, leisure, and happy services. At the same time, we will grasp the development of the market, carefully analyze customer needs and preferences, enhance self-innovation capabilities, improve existing product lines, and form a mature and competitive product line.

  • Actively explore and launch the development model of "industry + finance"

    We will integrate industrial capital gradually into the financial sector, and further strengthen the scale and intensity of the finance affiliated industry. At the same time, we will enhance the research on the macroeconomic and financial situation, grasp the direction of market development, and use the financial market to promote the rapid and safe development of our company.