About Us

We are a commercial property developer, owner and operator, with a focus on developing integrated commercial complexes in sub-city centers of second-tier cities in the Yangtze River Delta Region. Our business is comprised of three main areas: (i) sale of properties; (ii) property leasing and property management; and (iii) hotel operation. In the future, we will also expand into the business of land development and other urbanization related businesses and services in different towns and counties in the PRC by entering into cooperation agreements with local government authorities in the PRC.

Our business model is to sell certain properties for immediate return of capital to fund our business, operations and expansion plans, while strategically retaining other properties for stable recurring rental income and long-term capital appreciation. We believe this business model allows us to diversify our sources and timing of our revenue. Going forward, we will continue to adopt this business model, although we expect to sell a greater amount of our commercial properties in the future as compared to our commercial property sales during the Track Record Period.